ManageEngine’s CASB Counsel: The fundamentals of cloud access security broker (CASB)

Cloud security frameworks can be complex. Who is responsible for security in the cloud? Whether it is the user or the vendor is still an ongoing debate. Gartner predicts that by 2023, users will contribute to a whopping 99%* of cloud security breaches due to misconfigurations.

Zero Trust conference | Greece & Cyprus

Implementing a Zero Trust strategy is a hot topic right now since there has been a steep rise in the size of the remote workforce and the number of modern endpoints. Zero Trust is not a new trend—it’s been in discussion for more than a decade—but the reality is only one in 10 organizations are putting Zero Trust into practice.

Endpoint Management and Security Conference | ManageEngine

Security gaps are wider than ever as more users work remotely, more unmanaged devices connect to the network, and more threats evolve to take advantage of these vulnerabilities. At the same time, many modern endpoints have popped up. Deeper visibility into these endpoints, along with apps, files, and locations, is vital to safeguard your users and prevent suspicious activities before an attack compromises your entire network.