SnapServer Hybrid Flash Array

SnapServer Hybrid Flash Array

Flexible High-Performance Storage Solution

SnapServer offers enterprise class unified block and file storage that is workload optimize

SnapServer Hybrid and All-Flash Arrays are part of the SnapServer family running the proprietary enterprise hardened GuardianOS™.

The SnapServer Hybrid Flash Array supports mixing and matching SSD, SAS and SATA drives within a single chassis to optimize performance requirements of multiple applications simultaneously, while offering storage consolidation and maximum data protection. With this hybrid flash appliance, you can balance performance, capacity and cost. Typical applications would include general purpose storage and server virtualization and/or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

The SnapServer All-Flash Array with its all SSD drives, enables IT administrators to customize their solutions to meet the high-performance, low latency requirements for business-critical applications such as databases, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP), and Real-Time analytics.

SnapServer Hybrid and All-Flash Arrays provide increased IOPS and in workflows with Random Read/Write operations, we have a 40x increase in IOPS with SSD’s as compared to Enterprise SATA drives. With the SnapServer Hybrid and All-Flash Arrays, companies with increasing data demands now have an ideal solution that easily grows with their business while providing enterprise features, performance and flexibility at a price they can afford.


570x400 snapserver xsr120

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  • Unified Storage
  • DynamicRAID
  • Dynamic Volumes
  • Advanced Security
  • Management
  • SnapSync
  • Continuous Encrypted Replication
  • Replication across Heterogeneous platforms
  • RDX Integration
  • Backup Support

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