Free Patch Tuesday Webinar

Free Patch Tuesday Webinar Handy Tips from ManageEngine. Patch Tuesday is the unofficial term for Microsoft’s scheduled security fix release on every second Tuesday of a month, has been a constant topic of discussion ever since its inception. If you’re unsure how Patch Tuesday affects you and your organization, then join us.

Data Erasure Standards & Applications for Enterprise Data Centers

Today, there are a wide range of data erasure standards that software vendors and businesses follow. Blancco, for example, allow its customers to choose from 22 standards with its data erasure software. But how do businesses know which data erasure standard(s) is right for them, and are some standards better than others?

Lack of Internal IT Security Expertise Requires Connected Threat Defense

There are many different factors that can impact a company’s overall security posture. Increasing sophistication on the part of cyber criminals, combined with more frequent attacks launched using advanced malware, represent some of the most pervasive drivers of IT security.

AD Solutions Newsletter

ADManager Plus now allows deletion of group policy object’s (GPO), enabling and disabling GPO’s user or computer settings or both from reports, and addition of suffix to users’ UPN, email or remote routing address. ADAudit Plus now audits Azure/hybrid Active Directory. This new feature helps enterprises meet security and compliance demands across their on-premise/Azure/hybrid AD environments, READ MORE