FREE WEBINARS | ManageEngine November 2020

FREE webinars from ManageEngine in November 2020 focusing on log management, password security, SIEM and more.

A Cybersecurity and IAM Online Seminar | ManageEngine

Know the best practices for Active Directory management from across the globe. Learn how to set continuous change monitoring and alerting for your AD environment. Learn how to reduce support calls and make your users self-help with password self-service, SSO, and password synchronization. Know how to combat sophisticated attacks with advanced log management & more.

Desktop Central MasterClass 2020 | ManageEngine

In this masterclass you’ll learn in detail about: Overview of the complete product capabilities and ways to secure communication of remote users. Simplify the process of managing multiple branch offices of the organization. Orchestrate your cyber hygiene routines, like browser security, vulnerability management, and implementing a Zero Trust model with application and device control. Know-hows of each feature present in Desktop Central and it’s necessity in endpoint management. Tips & tricks to efficiently manage all your endpoints (both on-prem and remote devices).

SIEM podcast series | ManageEngine

SIEM podcast series
We welcome you to ManageEngine’s SIEM podcast series where technology evangelists share their take on the role and importance of security information and event management (SIEM) in cybersecurity.