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Untangle your IT monitoring woes amidst growing complexity in internet-based services

In an Internet-centric world, IT teams are in a sprint to enable and to sustain work from home in response to the Covid19 pandemic. On the other hand, there’s a surge in the number of online users, which calls for a quintessential user experience else the business might lose its customers. 

No matter what, you wouldn’t want your services to be affected, nor want your customers to face any issues. This makes the availability and performance of internet services crucial for business continuity. 

Join us for a free e-workshop to learn some of the tips and best practices from managing Zoho Corp’s 50+ SaaS web services.

Date: 17th June. Duration: 1 Hour – Time: 4.30am | 12.30pm | 7.30pm (EEST) 

The workshop will focus on: 

  1. How to spot user experience problems as soon as they arise.
  2. Quick and proven troubleshooting methodologies.
  3. End-to-end monitoring of all components behind hosting web services.

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