Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1996, iXsystems is the world leader in enterprise Open Source server and storage products. Building and qualifying products and services around open ecosystem, enables iXsystems to be successful and help them empower their clients to do the same.

iXsystems is also renowned for being the “all-around FreeBSD” company and provide professional, enterprise-grade FreeBSD and TrueOS software support to clients around the globe. Beyond hardware leadership, iXsystems is also responsible for creating the world’s most popular storage OS, FreeNAS, and the enterprise version, TrueNAS.

The driving principle behind everything at iXsystems is the belief that Open Source technology has the power to change the world through its process of open and collaborative innovation. Partnering with iXsystems since 2020, enables Channel IT to provide hardware solutions for companies that leverage Open Source technology in their core IT business infrastructure.

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For more information about iXsystems products contact us at +35722256811.